A new faction is rising, is it the Volturi? Or someone new? The Cullens band together to protect their clan.
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 Rules (please read)

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Alice Cullen
Alice Cullen

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Rules (please read) Empty
PostSubject: Rules (please read)   Rules (please read) Icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2012 7:10 pm


  • When you register, your username should be your character's FIRST and LAST name.
    ~Ex of a proper user name: Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale, etc...

  • All threads whose content aren't meant for general viewing must have WARNINGS under the description. (Some warnings include; SEXUAL CONTENT, NC-17, rated R, VIOLENCE, DRUG USE, etc...)

  • Topics of posting are simple, if it could offend someone, don't post it. (Racial, Sexual Orientation, etc...)

  • No GM-ing, or God-Modding - unless you're given the explicit permission from the other person. Everything you do must have the consent of both characters; death, torture, etc... Keep in mind that you do NOT control the reactions of others.
    ~Ex of GM-ing: Alice bit the male quickly, causing him to change into a vampire.

  • The word minimum for posting is FIFTY WORDS. No one likes to write a long post and find something small in return. So the minimum may be fifty, but more would probably be appreciated.

  • All RPing should be done in third person, past tense.

  • No double posting with the same character. That is what the edit button was created for, so you can add or change anything.

  • Before posting you must decide your alliance, claim a celebrity, and post your profile.

  • The limit to how many characters you may have on this site is eight, Just stay active. There will be activity checks every month.

  • No character is perfect so there will be no Mary-Jane's. Your character will have flaws and they will mess up. No character can be all-knowing and perfect. Everyone has their weaknesses. So keep things as realistic as possible.

  • Respect everyone who takes part on this site. Plain simple, period. End of story.

Rules are subject to change and will be added on to as situations arise. Check back to see if there has been any new development.

If you have any questions please ask me or another Administrator.

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ ♣ ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

Rules (please read) 2vmtvmeRules (please read) 10xro05
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Rules (please read)
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