A new faction is rising, is it the Volturi? Or someone new? The Cullens band together to protect their clan.
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PostSubject: Jasper Hale   Jasper Hale Icon_minitimeSun Apr 01, 2012 5:43 pm

Jasper Hale Jh5894
Jasper Hale

Full Name: Jasper Whitlock Hale
Nicknames: Jazz
Age: 19/20 (Physically)
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Birthday: July 22nd
Species: Vampire
Loyalties: The Cullens / Olympic Coven
Play by: Jackson Rathbone

Hair Color: Honey Blonde
Eye Color: Golden (Black when thirsty)
Height: 6'3
Body Type: Muscular but lean
Distinguishing Markings: -
Dress Style: Smart Casual

Likes: His family, Learning about wars,
Dislikes: Werewolves, Anyone threatening his family, Disappointing Alice/Family, Not being in control (in situations.)
Strengths: Military skills, Excellent fighter, Agile, Emotion manipulation power
Weaknesses: Blood lust, Awkward at times, Alice, Sunlight.

Alice Cullen (wife)
Carlisle Cullen (adoptive father)
Esme Cullen (adoptive mother)
Emmett Cullen (adoptive brother)
Rosalie Hale (adoptive sister)
Edward Cullen (adoptive brother)
Bella Cullen (adoptive sister-in-law)
Renesmee Cullen (adoptive niece)
Maria (creator)

Personal History:

Jasper Hale (born Jasper Whitlock) is the adopted son of Carlisle and Esme, adoptive brother of Edward, Emmett, and Rosalie, and husband of Alice. He was born in Texas in 1843 and joined the Confederate States Army in 1861 to serve in the Civil War at age 17. Due to his extremely charismatic personality, he ascended through the ranks quickly, and became known as 'The Major.'

Jasper Whitlock was the youngest major in the Confederate Army in Texas (having joined the army before he turned 17) until he was turned into a vampire by Maria and two other female vampires, Lucy and Nettie, who had recently lost their respective territories. Maria used him and other newborns to reclaim her place and later claim dominance over others. Nettie and Lucy were later destroyed by Jasper when they tried to rebel against Maria. Jasper and Maria seemingly shared a short romantic relationship but she never got over her first mate. When he became a vampire, he gained the ability to feel and manipulate people's emotions which was very useful in controlling the younger newborns. Jasper commanded Maria's newborn army that participated in the Southern vampire wars. Since Maria wouldn't keep vampires that proved useless after their first year, Jasper was responsible to dispose of them, which he did feel remorse for.

After about a century of this, he grew weary of the lifestyle and joined an old friend, Peter and Charlotte, who had returned, and told Jasper about the way vampires could coexist in the North, and he left with them. A few years later he left their company, as he was still unhappy, since he could feel everything his human victims were feeling while he killed them. He tried to kill less often, but the thirst always grew overwhelming. He was also reeling from his years with Maria, which had almost turned him into a savage.
Later in 1948, he ran into a diner in Philadelphia and met Alice Cullen. At first, he was puzzled by her happy behavior and treated him as if they were close friends, but nevertheless, her joyful emotions impacted him greatly. As it turned out, she had been waiting for him. When she held out her hand, he took it, and felt an unfamiliar emotion for the first time: hope.

She also told him about the ability to survive off of animal instead of human blood, as well as their future with Carlisle Cullen and his family. He didn't know such a thing could exist but he followed her. With the help of Alice's 'sight', they searched for the Cullens and eventually joined them in 1950. During their companionship and travels, they soon fell in love and were later married. When he joined the Cullen family, Jasper changed his surname of Whitlock to his adoptive sister Rosalie's surname of "Hale" and poses as her twin due to their physical similarities. Out of the whole coven, Jasper has the hardest time being around humans, due to his untrained upbringing as a young vampire in an army environment,. He was not taught to control or how to regulate his blood lust, and this imperfection continues throughout the next 50 years. Going to school is a difficult task, but he does it for Alice. Jasper would do anything for Alice, as she is his whole life. Even though he treats the other members of his family with respect, he isn’t bound to them the way he is to Alice.

Throughout his time with the Cullens, he has attended high school and university many times, and earned degrees in history and philosophy.
Sometime in the 1980s, he started doing business with a lawyer who forged illegal documents to help his family provide new identity certificates. After the lawyer retired, his apprentice, J. Jenks, took over.

Friends: The Cullen/Denali Clan
Relationship: Alice Cullen
Enemies: Anyone who threatens his family, or puts them in danger.
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Jasper Hale
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