A new faction is rising, is it the Volturi? Or someone new? The Cullens band together to protect their clan.
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Esme Cullen New-moon-esme-cullen-7933796-192-226
Esme Anne Platt nee' Evenson Cullen

Full Name: Esme Anne Platt nee' Evenson Cullen
Age: Physically 26
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Birthday: (Month Day)
Species: Vampire
Loyalties: The Olympic Coven
Play by: Elizabeth Reaser

Hair Color: Caramel
Eye Color: Golden, Black (when thirsty)
Height: 5'6" (168cm)
Body Type: Slender but rounded
Distinguishing Markings:
Dress Style:

Likes: Her Family, Renovating old Properties, Teaching, Being Motherly (due to losing a son pre vampire)
Dislikes: The Hunger for blood, Fighting, Conflict, People against her family
Strengths: Strong maternal instinct, Very family motivated, creative, and artistic.
Weaknesses: Blood, Sunlight, Loving Nature, Emotions

Family: Carlisle Cullen (husband)
Unnamed son
Charles Evenson (ex-husband)
Edward Cullen (adoptive son)
Rosalie Hale (adoptive daughter)
Emmett Cullen (adoptive son)
Jasper Hale (adoptive son)
Alice Cullen (adoptive daughter)
Bella Cullen (adoptive daughter-in-law)
Renesmee Cullen (adoptive granddaughter)

Personal History: Esme Anne Platt was born in 1895. She grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio, where she had a very happy childhood. As a teenager, her playful, mischievous nature often got her into trouble. She met Dr. Carlisle Cullen for the first time when she was 16 years old, after falling out of a tree and breaking her leg. He moved out of town not long after that, but Esme never forgot the kind doctor with whom she had gotten along so well. Initially wanting to move West to become a school teacher, she was pressured by her parents to stay and marry. At the age of 22, in an attempt to please her parents, she married Charles Evenson, but she soon realized her husband was an abusive man. Her family urged her to keep quiet about the abuse, and Esme had no choice but to endure it. Much to her relief, her husband was drafted during World War I, finally giving her some peace.
Esme enjoyed a happy period of time while Charles was away, but Charles returned in 1919, the abuse returning with him. Sometime after his return, Esme found out that she was pregnant. Not wanting her child to grow up in such a dangerous home, she ran away to her cousin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When Charles found her whereabouts, she ran away again, this time to Ashland and posed as a war widow. In order to support herself, she became a school teacher, temporarily fulfilling her childhood dream. The child was born in 1921, only to die from lung fever 2 days later. Esme was devastated. After the baby's death, Esme felt that she no longer had any reason to live, and attempted suicide by jumping off a cliff. When she was found, her condition was so bad that they didn't even attempt to revive her. She was immediately brought to the morgue, although her heart was still beating faintly. Dr. Cullen was working in the area at the time, and recognized her as the happy, beautiful young girl he treated 10 years earlier. Esme regained consciousness in excruciating pain, but she was happy to see Carlisle again. In order to save her life, Carlisle decided to change her into a vampire.

When Esme first woke up from her transformation, Carlisle explained what happened and that he turned her into a vampire in order to save her life. To his surprise, Esme was not upset with his act and she easily accepted her new life. Esme and Carlisle later fell in love and got married. The real challenge for her was the blood lust, and she lost control of her thirst a few times. In time, Rosalie and Emmett were transformed by Carlisle as well, and Alice and Jasper joined the family, becoming her surrogate children, though Esme has a special place in her heart for Edward because he was the first of her adoptive children.

Friends: Her Husband and Children, Black Pack
Relationship: Carlisle Cullen
Enemies: Anyone who harms her family.

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