A new faction is rising, is it the Volturi? Or someone new? The Cullens band together to protect their clan.
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Alice and Jasper returned from the forest and Alice automatically went to her sketching pad, she sat in front of it and frowned. She closed her eyes and hoped that this time she could see something. She looked at Jasper and smiled, she awaited for her family to return. "Jazz." She blankly said as her eyes darted back and forth. Flashes of sewer pipes, a shadowed figure, as if she were looking at it face to face, but it was just shadow, no face, nothing. There was dialogue that couldn't come clear for Alice, her eyes continued to dart back and forth as she felt Jasper's presence next to her. She grabbed her sketch pad and pencil and began sketching something anything, it was an instinct to sketch the setting of a vision. The cloaked figure met with another person and seconds later the shadowed figure broke the opposite person's neck. It was a vampire, but human. As she heard the bones crack she snapped out of her vision with a gasp. She looked at Jasper and rubbed her eyes "I saw sewers. Two people, one covered with shadows and the other was a human. The human got killed." Alice shook her head "What could this mean." She looked down at her sketch and it was the shadowed figure standing over the corpse, in front of a sewer tunnel leading to the outside. She couldn't tell where it was but she wasn't going to take this lightly.

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